Drape your Lehenga Dupatta to Steal the Spotlight

Are you looking for a way to drop the cliché look that comes with draping your Dupatta just like everyone else? Do you want something…unique?

Well, even though it’s a no-brainer to drape a Dupatta over your Lehenga, you’ve got to rack your brains if you genuinely want a style that brings out your beauty. Indeed, there are several fantastic ways of styling your Lehenga Dupatta- including the use of accessorie

s such as belts and pins. However, if you want to be the sun amidst the stars, then you need something special.

And, that’s what you are up for today! Here are eight trending- and unique- ways of draping your Lehenga Dupatta so that you can steal the spotlight at that party!


What’s a Dupatta?

Also known as ‘chunari’, ‘odni’, or ‘chunni’, a dupatta can be compared to a scarf in the western/contemporary form of dressing. In contrast, however, it is much longer. In time past, the dupatta signified a symbol of a woman’s modesty. Today, the dupatta has evolved- right from how it is made to how it is worn.

Different fabrics used for Dupatta

Here are some of the different fabrics used for dupatta

Net or Lace

Net dupattas are usually very light-weighted and delicate. They come in white color mainly and can be died in vibrant colors to match any custom dress colors. Since this fabric is lightweight, it can easily be adorned with beads and embroidery. The net material is popular because of its compatibility with numerous clothes- both simple dresses and more heavy ones.


Silk fabric is more of a royal or vintage look. The silk fabric is very breathable and is a perfect choice to be involved in many activities that require free movement. the silk has been there ever since Indian history existed and is believed to never go out of fashion. 


Being very light and comfortable, cotton dupattas are suitable for usage all year long. Again, the colors and dye prints are relatively permanent because the cotton fibers are made from cellulose. Cotton fabric is used independently or blended with other compatible materials like silk, etc. to prepare a classy looking dupatta. Cotton can quickly react to colors, and dies and hence lovely prints are available in this material.


Banarasi dupattas, just as you can detect from the name, are derived from Varanasi, UP- a place well-known for its many wonders. It is a different form of silk and is more stiff compared to the usual silk. If you want a process look, go for a vibrant Banarasi dupatta, and owning one is a must if you are fond of Indian ethnic wear.

Wearing your Lehenga Dupatta in different styles

Whether buying a new lehenga or wearing one you brought a year back, draping the dupatta adds a lot to your style. There is no one way to drape a dupatta; you can always change it depending on the occasion and your dupatta's fabric. We have tried to cover some fantastic dupatta draping styles that our clients prefer. Read on and let us know your thoughts below

Drape it around

Asides from being a fashion attire, dupattas have an additional responsibility of keeping you warm. When you drape your dupatta around, that’s exactly what it does. So, do you want to be warm, while all eyes are on you?

Drape your dupatta around you; use a stone to kill two birds! If you have a cotton dupatta, hop on this style- it’s perfect for you.

Here’s a step-by-step approach:

  • Reach out for one end of the dupatta and pin it across your right shoulder. While pinning might be hard for newbies, if you know how to pin bridal dupatta, this should be a flawless exercise.
  • Take the other end of the dupatta and wrap it around yourself. Do so loosely.
  • Now, pin the loose end of the dupatta on your left shoulder.
  • Do not suffocate yourself. Make sure you tie it loosely, so you would have enough space to move your hands freely.

Pleated on one side; open on the other

Just any fabric is right for this style whether you are wearing embroidery zari lehenga or pure silk. However, it would be more fitting for dupattas who have beautifully emphasized borders. Does that sound like yours?

If so, follow these steps to achieve this amazing style.

  • Pleat the dupatta across its entire length. To pleat means to double or multiple folds your dupatta, while holding stitching at the top.
  • Once that’s done, pin it on one shoulder with one-third of the dupatta behind that shoulder.
  • At the front, open the pleats of the length of the dupatta. Then, take the other end of the dupatta and pin it on the other shoulder. Remember to leave it a little loose between shoulders.

Shawn and cape style

Here’s one of the lehenga choli dupatta styles. Once one, you cannot escape being elegant and classy.

Don’t know how to wear net dupatta on lehenga? Get this style on with these steps:

  • Open your dupatta completely and wrap it around your back.
  • Bringing the upper hem over your shoulders, allow the dupatta folds to gracefully flow down your back.
  • Hold the fabric on your elbows. Pin the shoulders if you wish.

That’s how to wrap a lehenga dupatta in the ‘Shawn and cape’ way!

Pinned on shoulder and waist

Going traditional? Are you looking for dupatta draping styles for bridal lehengas? Here’s an amazing way to rock your dupatta traditionally! One of the requirements for this style is a long dupatta, however.

  • Start by pleating your dupatta
  • Pin it on one shoulder with the front length reaching a little beneath the waist.
  • Tuck the other end in the waistline of your lehenga on the other side.
  • Make sure it is draped properly from behind. Amend the length if needs be.

Rock your dupatta with a waist belt

With this contemporary style, you can attain an indo-western look. Got a cotton dupatta? This would be perfect for you.

  • Open the dupatta completely.
  • Place it on one shoulder and keep the front length just a little below the waist.
  • With the front part of the dupatta inside it, tie a sleek belt around your waist.
  • Tuck the other end from behind inside the belt.

Open and pinned on one side

Looking for banarasi dupatta draping styles? Is your dupatta heavily embroidered? Check this style out.

  • Open your dupatta and pin its upper edge on one shoulder.
  • You could either make the length at the back and front equal or the back length a little longer.
  • Leave the dupatta to gracefully fall on your arms.

Pleat it and pin it on one shoulder

This is definitely a vintage style you must try out! You can try this style on your anarkali suit as well 

  • Pleat the entire length of the dupatta.
  • Using a safety pin, secure the pleat on one shoulder.
  • Make sure the length at the back is slightly longer than the length at the front

Side cowls style

Here’s one of the silk dupatta draping styles for lehenga. It is an effortless style that doesn’t require much time.

  • Open your dupatta completely.
  • Pin each end together, forming cowls.
  • Wear it with the ends pinned on one of your shoulders.

Simple and classy!

There you go- 8 breath-taking styles! You now know how to wear a dupatta with lehenga. Go on, rock your dupatta, and steal the spotlight at the party!

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