Golden Age Charm: The Royal Anarkali Suits

Golden Age Charm: The Royal Anarkali Suits

Originating from India, the Anarkali suits were once considered the dress code for the courtesans of the famous Mughal emperor. That’s how regal they are!

Anarkali suits are made up of a long, frock-style top featuring a slim fit to the waist and flares out at the hem. The flared-out portion is created by combining layers of fabric with details, making it the main focus of the attire. Anarkali suits come with great length giving an illusion of height while highlighting your curves. It is usually paired with churidar bottoms, which have lots of gathering and aesthetic dupatta.

Anarkali suits are the trend in town as they dominate the fashion industry, giving styles for different occasions and redefining ethnicity. They mix the royal and classy form producing a perfect balance and look poised with radiant grace. From the Mughal era, Anarkali suits have always complimented the eternal beauty of women and make a style statement.

This versatile garment has become the most loved clothing among women as they offer an extraordinary look to those who adorn them.

The Versatility of the Anarkali Suit


Anarkali suit is perfect for wedding parties, festivals and functions. It comes in varieties of styles, patterns, colors, designs and fabrics, making it suitable for any occasion. It is also easy and comfortable to wear, designed in elegant fabrics and embroidery like lace, sequins, laden, zari, georgette, cotton, net, velvet, resham thread work, etc.  

Style Mantra offers a wide collection of Royal Anarkali suits that fit all body types and occasions. From their Off White Pant Style Anarkali to the Magenta Embroidered Pant Style Anarkali, and so on.  

Anarkali design suits are elegant, flawless, trendy and fit perfectly with any personality. Moreover, they are available in different color styles for different occasions, with a mix of kurta fabric, neck style, kurta work, dupatta color and other styles.

Some of these styles include:

  • Those with contrasting colors and either empire or waistline with floor-length styles provide a perfect fit to tall ladies,
  • Anarkali suit dresses with a knee-length kurta that looks great on petite ladies,
  • Traditional or contemporary Anarkali suits for a slim body type,
  • Single colour, minimal flare and pair of heels that give the illusion of height in short ladies,
  • Anarkali suits with Kalis from the top instead of the waist that perfectly balances a plump person's shape.

Different Styles of Anarkali

Why Anarkali Suit?


Anarkali suit is an alternate version of indo western dresses in most parts of traditional India. Anarkali is purely Indian, but the long length of the suit makes it look like gowns that provide an indo-western touch that women love. Moreover, they are easy and comfortable to wear, unlike a normal saree, which consumes a lot of time and energy.

So if you’re looking for the perfect outfit with the following characteristics: a slimming, sophisticated effect which comes from the flared frock from the waist that perfectly camouflages the middle portion; and in addition, an outfit that’s uniquely designed with vibrant color, style, heavy embroidery, and also decorated with designer laces- you know exactly what to choose. The Anarkali suit! 


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