Dressing Up for the Nine Most Eventful Navratri Days

Dressing Up for the Nine Most Eventful Navratri Days

During the Navratri, worshippers pray for 9 days to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga has 9 forms. These are Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandharghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidathri. The days also signify the 9 colors dedicated to Goddess Durga. 

You will see vibrant colors, decorations, and designs all around during the Navrati celebration. Continue reading to know the significance behind these colors. 

Day 1: Orange - The Happiest Color That Exists

Orange Embroidered Organza Lehenga - Navratri Dressing ideas

The first day of Navratri will be celebrated in orange. Shailputri is a goddess who represents warmth and vitality, and this color is dedicated to her.

It resembles the color of blood in its symbolism, which is significant. It's also worn to obtain the goddess's blessings. The color blue is connected with a variety of warm hues, including red and yellow.

To seem fashionable, wear an orange lehenga or salwar suit on this day. Since it is the first day of the Dandia nights, you want to make sure you look nice and feel comfortable in whatever you choose so that you can put on a good performance. At Stylemantra we have some great suits and lehengas in Orange color, check them out now!

Day 2: White - There is Best Variety In This Color

Off White Multicolor Georgette Lehenga- Navratri Dressing Ideas

On the second day of Navaratri, white is the most favored color, it signifies peace and purity. This hue is dedicated to goddess Brahmcharini.

The color white is synonymous with purity, strength, knowledge, creativity, and material wealth. You may wear it in a combination with bright colors like blue or green to commemorate this event.

A lovely white Anarkali suit with a pink dupatta or a white base lehenga with printed or embroidered design would be an excellent attire for the second day of Navratri. Dance freely and have fun with friends and family by wearing an outfit in white color, light fabric with minimal jewelry.

Day 3: Red - Nothing Can Grab Better Attention

Red Embroidered Georgette Lehenga - Navratri Dressing Ideas



On the third day of Navratri, the color red is ideal. This hue is dedicated to goddess chandraghanta.

The color blue stands for action, and it is frequently used to ask for the health of one's body, mind, and spirit. It also denotes bravery and may be worn with vibrant shades like blue or green.

Red is the most popular hue in fashion. A simple red lehenga or a basic red slawar suit will look just perfect. On the third day of Navaratri, you can wear whatever you want because you're wearing the most magnificent hue imaginable, and everything appears to be wonderful in red.

Day 4: Blue - The Color That's Beyond


Shaded Blue Embroidered Silk Lehenga - Navratri Dressing Ideas

The fourth form of Devi will be Kushmanda, whose hue will be blue.

The color blue is associated with peace and is used to pray for physical, mental, and spiritual strength. It can also be worn bright colors such as red or yellow to further pop the color and look more stylish.

Everyone has a blue outfit, and if you don't have one, it's easy to find one. StyleMantra offers a wide range of the newest blue lehengas and anarkalis for you to choose from. It's worth experimenting with different color combinations, as you'll have a lot of options and won't need much jewelry.

Day 5: Yellow - The Perceived Color of Sunshine

Yellow Embroidered Sequins Lehenga -Navratri Dressing Ideas

The fifth day of Navratri is marked by the color yellow. The Yellow represents divinity and is worn to pray for a better life, making it a great way to flaunt this color on the fifth day.

On the fifth day, Devi Skandamata, also known as the Daughter of the Mountains, is worshipped. She has a goldish yellow complexion and hence people use yellow to pay homage to her.

Yellow is a must-have hue in ethnic ensembles, and it may be found in everyone's closets. Flaunt a yellow lehenga in gorgeous mirror or exquisite embroidery work, or a more subtle yellow suit. Dance away the fifth day of Navratri, shedding light like the sun.

Day 6: Green : The Color of Energy and Positivity

Green and Dark Teal Embroidered Silk Lehenga - Navratri Dressing Ideas

Green is worn to commemorate the sixth revival of Goddess Durga, Katyayani. The hue also signifies rebirth and development in all aspects of our existence, spiritual, mental, and physical.

Green is one of the most important colors in terms of fashion. There are thousands of different shades of green, which is one of the most popular colors worn in ethnic outfits.

To celebrate the sixth Dandia night, wear a beautiful green lehenga, a suit, or even a green mirror work saree in lehenga style. If you want to look nice while still feeling comfortable, use a lighter fabric and limited jewelry.

Day 7: Grey : The Color of Truth

Grey Embroidered Net Lehenga - Navratri Dressing Ideas

On the seventh day of Navaratri, a grey hue is appropriate. This color is dedicated to Kalratri, the goddess of lightning. The color grey is associated with destruction and negativity in life. It also indicates self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

In terms of fashion, grey is one of the most current hues. A grey ethnic costume is a contemporary style these days and goes well with vivid colors like orange, pink, red, and even blue due to its subtlety.

To commemorate your seventh dandiya evening, pick a grey lehenga with some beautiful bright floral accessories. A grey Anarkali will also look fantastic. Because you can wear a saree in so many different ways, a grey saree worn in Lehenga style is an extremely fashionable option.

Day 8: Purple : Everything Appears to Be Better in Purple


Purple Embroidered Net Lehenga - Navratri Dressing Ideas

On the eighth day of Navratri, the color purple will be used to commemorate Lord Mahagauri. This color is in memory of her bravery and valor.

There are several purple dress possibilities available. Ethnic costumes look fantastic in a variety of purple hues, so you'll be sure to find something you like. To dress up for the eighth day of Dandia night, a simple purple lehenga or a more vibrant purple Anarkali suit should suffice.

Day 9: Pink : This Color is Attitude

Hot Pink Embroidered Mulberry Silk Lehenga- Navratri Dressing ideas

The color pink is associated with the ninth reincarnation, Siddhidatri, which is represented by this hue. This shade is commonly linked to femininity and love. The pink shade of the Lotus is associated with the ninth incarnation of Devi, Siddhidatri, which means "born from a lotus."

Since it is the final day of the dandia nights, you want to look your absolute best, and there is no better option than pink. Pink hue is completely associated with ethnic clothing; without it, ethnic outfits can not exist.

Wear a lovely hot pink lehenga and rock the last night of Navratri to the fullest.

Finally, you'll know more about Navratri's 9 days and the meanings of the colors represented for each day. StyleMantra has an amazing range of affordable ethnic wear collections for you to pick from, do not hesitate to reach out to us we provide expedited shipping and custom fitting options too.

I wish you all a great Navratri and I hope that you're well prepared to rock the Dandia floor!

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