The Lehenga Has Been Adapting to the Modern Culture and This Is How

The Lehenga Has Been Adapting to the Modern Culture and This Is How

Sarees and Lehengas can always keep up with the fashion trends and modern culture. This is because fashionistas, celebrities, and designers always put a modern edge to twist traditional Indian wear. 

Lehenga has always been a symbol of the country’s culture and tradition, and this type of outfit can always be found during weddings and occasions. 

This traditional skirt along with cholis was very common to Indian girls as their everyday wear. In south Indian communities, unmarried girls still wear this Pavadai. Plain lehengas are still topped up with dupatta in South India. 

The Modern-Style Lehengas and Cholis 

 Lehengas can come in different cuts and styles. Although the following cuts have been incorporated before, you'd be surprised at how designers can update them.

1. Circular Cut

This bias cut is very common in India. Its wide full circle flare is made of bias-cut, perfectly instagrammable because of its twirl design. 

Circular Cut

2. A-Line 

This is not as wide compared to the circular lehengas but it is also flared. If you want to look slimmer, this is the lehenga for you. It is usually fitted on the high waist and goes wider on the hips and hem. This is perfect for Anarkali Lehenga


3. Fish-cut 

The upper half of this skirt is fitted while the lower half goes flared. This makes the mermaid lehenga. This will look good for slimmer types. When this is carried well, it will look so feminine and sensual. 


4. Panelled

The flare will depend on the number of multiple panels in it. The more panels it has, the more flare it will be.  Sequined-lehengas with this style will give you a fairly-like aura. 


Best Blouses to Pair With the Modern Lehenga

1. Kurta

This indo-western suit is short to mid-length and usually paired with a lehenga.


indo-western kurta

2. Bustier 

This is the very short crop top you will see these days, worn by sexy celebrities. Many bold and modern women love this blouse. 


3. Choli

This is a fitting blouse, and the most basic of the blouses are paired with a lehenga. 


4. Peplum Style Choli

This is a long top that is fitted but flares at the waistline. Also called the Gujarati kedia type top, this is one of the trendiest in modern Indian fashion. 

Latest Wedding Lehenga Trends 

The best place for you to see traditional clothes being modernized is at weddings. You'd be surprised to see style combinations you've never thought of before. Here are some wedding lehenga trends you need to know and adapt to: 

1. Feather Light

Indian women have adapted the art of wedding outfits these days. The feather-light style is where you choose a part of your lehenga where you want the feather details to be. The feathers will create drama in your bridal look. 

Feather Light

2. Pastel Shades

No more bold reds for our gorgeous brides. They now go for pastel shades on their big day. Traditional bridal outfits are now full of life because of this trend adaptation. Pale green, pink, and peach are the color pastels you can choose from. It's perfect for floral lehengas.

 Pastel Shades

3. Ruffles and Frills

We will not miss this on our list. Ruffles will elevate the stylish wave on the Lehenga and will look perfect with a sweet plunging neckline. If you prefer to look sweet and dainty at your wedding, you should definitely try one of these.  

 Ruffles and Frills

Aside from the styles mentioned above, lehengas are not only adapting to these trends but also make clothing more comfortable and wearable. Whatever style you choose, you'll surely feel more confident. 

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