Trending Indo Western Styles & Fusion Wear for the Festive Season

With the year ending and many festivals like Diwali, Karwa Chauth and Holi comes a fever-high shopping spree among Indians the world over. This is because everybody wants to look glamorous for the festival of lights and colors and why not? Looking good is an absolute necessity when there is going to be a lot of celebration with friends, families, and colleagues as is usually the case around Diwali. While there are many options to choose from, none quite compares to the Indo western outfit especially when you want to look simple and stunning at the same time. 

Indowestern Styles

What is it about the Indowestern Style?

As the name implies, the Indowestern style is a fusion of Indian fashion elements with Western elements. It creates a unique blend of the traditional with the modern. Many Bollywood celebrities are often spotted in these kinds of outfits and this, coupled with the elegance and comfort associated with fusion wear has led to an increase in the global demand for such wears.

There are several ways in which you can arrive at an Indowestern style outfit. It can be in the way it is designed from the outset (e.g a palazzo pant) or the way the user combines her outfit (e.g wearing a choli and a jean or draping a dupatta on western wear). It can also be achieved by combining western wear with Indian accessories like earrings, necklaces, etc.

Whichever way you arrive at the Indowestern styled outfit, they make for outfits that are both simple, yet classy and glamorous and able to keep heads turning in your direction because of their uniqueness. They are also suitable for a wide variety of occasions that can be organized around Diwali from the simplest to the classiest.

Trending Indowestern Styles for Diwali

There is no one way to style your outfit to make it Indowestern but there are some styles that have been made popular by celebrities and that are the rave of the moment. Here are some of the trending ones that you should consider having this Diwali.

Go Maxi!

Maxi dresses embody the magic and they come in different styles and designs that are suitable for all body shapes and sizes. They are cut in such a way that they are free-flowing at the base giving you the freedom to move as you want. You can sizzle and dazzle in a maxi dress because they have such exquisite necklines, fancy blouse designs, and amazing colors while still keeping you comfortable. A maxi dress is the perfect Indowestern outfit to get heads turning during Diwali while staying comfortable.

Let Loose the Saree

Nothing says tradition than the Indian saree. It is said that an Indian woman's wardrobe is not complete without a saree. Now that sarees are lighter and easier to drape, it is definitely easier and more comfortable to have one while staying convenient and comfortable.

From pre-stitched sarees to floral print sarees, spotting traditional blouse designs, or combining with a jacket or a blouse, the Indowestern saree is perfect if you want to look chic yet minimal. You can own your own style combining with many different Western elements including peplum blouses, crop tops, halter necks, etc. That's something beautiful right there.

Why not Lehenga?

The Lehenga is one of the most stylish Indian wears and the Indowestern style lehenga is even more stylish. The Indowestern lehenga has done away with the dupatta and drape allowing for more flexibility in the way it can be combined. You can have puffs and frills in the lehenga seta or fuse a lehenga skirt with a backless blouse. You can also wear a crop top on a lehenga and slay in any of them for this Diwali.

The Gown Way is the right way

There is something beautiful about the way western gowns have blended in traditional Indian designs. They come in a variety of colors, textures, necklines, and designs making it suitable for all body shapes and sizes.

Keep it Jumpy...

The Indowestern jumpsuit is quite a popular one. You can bank on it to make a fashion statement during the Diwali celebrations as many have done for many years. It can make your desi appear dressier especially when the jumpsuit is beautifully embroidered, has bold prints, and is worn with minimal accessories.

Doll up with the Dhoti

Some outfits are magical. Dhoti is one of them. Pair it up with a tank top, accentuated by a bold necklace and smoky eyes and you will have yourself looking like a doll. You can also combine dhoti pants with an embroidered blouse, a peplum top, and an off-shoulder top. Talk about being bold and edgy for a Diwali party. The Dholi has got you covered.

Jack it up with a Jacket

Jackets are timeless pieces of fashion. They seem to always be in vogue. If you know your way around jackets, then simply donning one on traditional wear like the Anarkali is enough to make it Indowestern. Be it a denim jacket or a silk jacket, a longer jacket, or a shorter one, jackets are an amazing way to jazz up your look. They are also quite chic and trendy and it's an option you want to have this Diwali season.

Bare the Shoulders

Whether with an off-shoulder dress or a cold shoulder dress, bare shoulders are absolutely in vogue and will score you fashion points anywhere you appear with them. The cold shoulder dress has sleeves and an open shoulder while the off-shoulder dress begins either below both shoulders or below one (with no straps). They are considered playful yet beautiful; flattering yet classy and are a great way to appear for Diwali occasions to get eyes turning in your direction.


This year may have been all drab and gloomy with the outbreak of COVID-19 but the days ahead as Diwali approaches are definitely going to be glamorous and full of celebration. Equipped with the knowledge of the trending Indowestern outfits of 2020, you now have what it takes to be the next Instagram rave as you go all out to celebrate with your friends and family.






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