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Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon is as light as a breeze, has a more delicate weave and net structure than georgette. It can be a blend of silk and polyester or silk and nylon/rayon- all look and feel equally impressive. These natural and synthetic material blends give chiffon its distinct net finish, rough feel, and transparent appearance. Highly stretchable, strong, and durable, this non-fading fabric has a good structure. If you want something classy, trendy, stylish, and elegant, you need look no further than a chiffon saree.

A Unique Chiffon Saree For Every Woman

Its moderate sheen, soft texture, and elegant drape make it ideal not only during summer but through all seasons. The plain weave adds to its comfort factor, lending it a tender, flowing, and breezy look. Choose from a saree in silk chiffon degrade/ombre, satin chiffon, shot silk chiffon, crushed silk chiffon, rayon chiffon, polyester chiffon, silk chiffon devore, or stretch satin chiffon. With this impressive variety available, creating your style statement is a breeze, figuratively and literally!

No matter what your body type, chiffon’s naturally elegant drape will make you feel comfortable in your skin. What makes this outstanding fabric even more so is that it’s available in every color and shade. Whether you prefer something that stands out or blends in, you will find a chiffon saree to suit your preference. You can pair it with a simple blouse or go all out and create a unique look with something in heavy embroidery or prints.

Stick to a simple, unembellished chiffon saree in hot pink, pick one in a bold design or take elegance to the next level with a superbly-embroidered green, blue or red chiffon saree from Stylemantra. You can purchase a standard-sized blouse to go with it, order a customized one, or get the unstitched blouse and style one as you please.

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