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Chiffon Salwar Suits

The lightness of gossamer, the dreaminess of nylon, the comfort of cotton, and the luxury of silk- you get all this and more when you choose to wear a chiffon salwar kameez. This plain-woven fabric has a mesh weave that lends it a classic, transparent appearance.

It is available in various blends, each one with its specific characteristics and qualities. Chiffon has a criss-cross pattern weave giving it a net-like look. However, it is smooth and slippery, making it perfect for multi-layered ethnic outfits like ghararas and Anarkali suits that move as you move.

Luxurious Chiffon Salwar Kameez Styles

The fabric is versatile and available in a range of rich, vibrant colors. It means that outfits made from this material also look that way. It’s the perfect base material for attire that calls for applique work, stonework, mirror work, or embroidery. You will find beautiful chiffon straight suits, palazzo suits, pantsuits, and more.

If you buy the material rather than the standard ready suit, you have the option to stitch it in the way you like. Silk chiffon has a sheen and naturally luxurious touch that's hard to beat. However, it is in a higher price range than synthetic chiffon, which is slightly lighter too.

Bright-colored chiffon looks festive and works well for eveningwear suits or attire for weddings and other similar occasions. The lighter chiffons, available in pastel shades, are more suitable for daywear or work wear. You can find the style you want and complement the suit with various simple or embroidered dupattas for a unique look.

All our clothing lines are quality-checked, and the fabric and artistry are of the highest quality. You will find perfectly stitched suits that are comfortable to wear and superb in appearance. Browse our chiffon collection- we guarantee you will buy more than one Stylemantra salwar suit to add to your collection

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