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Silk is a natural fabric so lustrous and versatile that designers worldwide use it in good measure in many of their creations. Satin is the method used to weave fabric and, when made from silk, is called silk satin. The weaving process used in manufacturing satin lends it a sheen. However, as you know, silk has a shimmer of its own, which helps create an exceptional fabric with the qualities of silk and satin.

Stylish And Elegant Satin Silk Salwar Suit Designs

Silk satin is incredibly soft and luxurious and feels smooth on the skin. It is of medium thickness with a good fall that adds to its versatility. It’s perfect for ethnic wear like Anarkali suits and can be used with embroidered net to create fabulous swishing skirts. You will find that satin silk is available in a range of vibrant colors, and this breathable fabric is perfect for both day-long wear and evening wear.

Satin silk suits look dressy but not overly so, and if you have a subtle style, opt for something with minimal embroidery. Choose a high-waist Anarkali suit with an intricately embroidered net skirt and a satin silk base to impress at a special event, a wedding, or any other occasion. The shimmering fabric peeping through the net creates a dramatic effect, especially when light hits its pleats.

Make others go green with envy in a phenomenal pink or peach Anarkali suit that’s all shimmer and glamor. Or be like a breath of fresh air with something in pastel shades. Match a heavily embroidered with a contrastingly simple flowing skirt Anarkali suit or create a style all your own with the material you buy from our site. If you prefer something readymade, we also have spectacular, elegantly stitched salwar kameez styles in silk satin on StyleMantra.

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